Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging the Republican National Convention (RNC)

Unless you're a political blogger, blogging about the upcoming Republican National Convention seems sort of challenging.

I don't know if I have any plans to blog about it myself, but I have been peculating some ideas.

Here's some ideas for bloggers (political and unpolitical alike):
  • If you were making a biopic, which RNC speaker has a life story that is most "film worthy"
  • Weather with Hurricane Isaac is playing a role in itself. You could opine on how you think weather influences the conventions "story"
  • One Liners: It seems like the rhetoric of these speeches often relies on powerful "one liners" pick a sentence that someone uses and talk about why it is powerful? Overstated? Meaningful? Meaningless?  Used out of context? etc.
  • Look at what topics appear to be most discussed and relevant to the convention and ask "why" these are the topics discussed and whether that's relevant?

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