Monday, April 30, 2012

Silence & Blog About Bloggin

This blog has been silent for awhile, because honestly, it started as an experiment to see if there was an audience for people searching the net for relevant blog ideas.

To be honest, it seemed that either the interest wasn't there OR this blog wasn't really discovered. So I slowed down. Then I stopped.

That said, I occasionally still consider starting it back up again.

With that train of thought, here are some ideas to blog about blogging:

  • When do you feel most inspired to blog?
  • What are some blogs you started at one time but stopped writing?
  • What encourages you to blog more? What discourages you to blog less?
  • Where do most of your blog ideas come from?
  • What influence (if any) do your "unknown" blog readers have on the frequency of your blogging?

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