Thursday, November 18, 2010

Questions of The Day: The General Motors IPO

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Today (November 18, 2010) GM's stock has it's big inital public offering (IPO) coming out of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

The new GM will be selling 412 million shares at $33 a piece.

Many see this as the beginning of GM's comeback, as well as an opportunity for tax payers to recooperate from losses from the bailout (the government will retain a a one-third ownership in the company if all 412 million shares sell, which they plan on selling off as the stock price presumably rises).

So today's questions that might inspire an "Idea 2 Blog":

1. Smart Pants Question: GM has reformed their company in the past 9 months making huge adjustments to compensation packages, union agreements, and debt, but are these changes enough to make consumers trust this new company?

2. Memory Road Question: What was your first car you owned, was it General Motors family (GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac)? Whether it was or not, how much did the brand of the car influence your perception of this car?

3. Green Question: Many would suggest much of GM's near term success is in the Chevrolet Volt which launches later this month, what's your thoughts on this hyped plug-in hybrid?

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