Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011 - Some Ideas to Blog

  • Marketing: Companies know your IP address and what you are looking for and looking to buy.

  • Marketing/Dentist: Tons of dental advertisements coming to our home. What factors make you chose a dentist? These ads sometimes have pictures of their office, pictures of the people who work there? Or maps to the location. What works?

  • Summer Movies: What films have you seen, haven't seen, want to see?

  • Holidays: Fourth of July's coming, how do you get ready the week before?

  • Pop Memorobilia: Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket Fetches 1.8 million. Thoughts?

  • BET Awards: You watching them? And how relevant in today's world is a TV station (or award show) dedicated to "Black Entertainment" when celebs like Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes entertain more than just black people?

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