Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011 - Johnny Appleseed Day

Did you know that today was Johnny Appleseed Day?

You see, some people celebrate it (if they celebrate it at all) on his birthday.

Johnny Appleseed was born September 26, 1774.

But the March 11th date is a preference to many because of it's proximity to the planting season.

Any ideas on how you would celebrate Johnny Appleseed? How about a Blog Post?

Here are some ideas to blog:
  • What's your first memory of learning about Johnny Appleseed?
  • What about Johnny Appleseed makes him an American hero in your eyes, his creation of the modern apple, his generous spirit, his missional attitude?
  • Do you think Johnny Appleseed is under or over rated (aka do you think the "holiday" should be acknowledged, or does the sheer idea make you laugh)?

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