Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011: Khutbatul Wada' and the Guttenberg Bible

The anniversary of two religious events...

February 23, 632: The date that is believed to be the last sermon of the prophet Muhammed, this is called the Khutbatul Wada'. There is no definitive text of this sermon, as it apparently was quite long and various people have contributed to text that have been attempted to be meld into one teaching.

February 23, 1455: The traditional date for the publication of the Guttenberg Bible. In addition to being the first Western book printed with moveable type it also made the bible accessible for many more people to read than had ever had the opportunity before.

Idea 2 Blog:

  • Although hundreds of years ago, have either of these events impacted your life? If so, how.

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