Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14: Monkey Day

December 14 is Monkey Day (the official website is here).

The official observation is as unorganized as you can imagine for a day with such a title, with a purpose that spans from general appreciation of monkeys, evolution, to advocacy and protection.

That being said, I suppose that gives you the freedom to celebrate Monkey day how ever you see fit, here's some ideas:

  • Monkey Day origins: Started in 2000 by comic book artist (Fetus-X), Casey Sorrow
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong legitimized the day in some ways with it's release in 2005 on Monkey Day
  • Monkey Day seems like the perfect day to write about your famous monkeys
    ◘ Gordo, the space traveling monkey
    ◘ Ramu, the imprisoned monkey in India who wildlife activist are trying to have freed
    ◘ Maggie the Monkey, the Canadian monkey known for predicting the Stanley Cup winners
  • Or there's the fictional monkeys
    ◘ Curious George, the little guy who was brought back from Africa by the Man with the Yellow Hat
    ◘ The Winged Monkeys, those scary creates from The Wizard of Oz
    ◘ Abu, Aladdin's buddy in the Disney film
    ◘ Mojo, Homer's helper monkey on The Simpsons
  • Monkey-related nonprofits:
    Chimps, Inc
    Primate Rescue Center

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